英語力アップ!アウトプットの方法~Let’s output in English!~




It’s Natsumi!


Today, I will tell you how to output and practice in English.



But Firstly, you might think, ” What is OUTPUT?” “Why on earth is output is important?”

Let me explain about “output” and “input” today.


インプット(input)とはもともと英語で、入力、提供、貢献、投入…という意味で、主に コンピューターや情報に関連した単語になります。それから派生して、「人の記憶や経験として残すこと。知識を取り込むこと。」を言います。

例えば英語学習で言うと、「単語を暗記して、スペルを覚えて、文法のルールはこうで…」のような知識のことです。英語にも覚えるべきルールが沢山ありますよね。それらは全てインプットにあたります。 日本の英語教育は「インプット重視」の授業だと言われてきました。(今は学習指導要領の変化でアウトプットの機会も増えてきているみたいですが…)日本人には、「知識はあるのに話せない」という人が多いのも、「インプット重視」の勉強法にあったのです。(日本人の性格もあるので一概には言えませんが。)

Input is basically defined as what is put in, taken in, or operated on by any process or system. It can be energy, money, or information. In this case, “input” means information, idea, or knowledges as memory and experience. For example, when you study a foreign language, you have to remember the words, spelling, and grammar. Those are called “input”. There are many rules in English too, and unless you remember the rules you will not be able to have a good command of English. In Japan, English education is a lot focused on “input”. That’s why Japanese people tend to be not good at speaking even though they have enough amount of knowledges.




On the other hand, output is defined as an amount that a person, machine, or organization produces. In this case, “some opinion or activities reflected by what you study and learned.” In other words, “writing, speaking, and taking action” are kinds of output. For example, “you speak aloud the words you learned, you talk with natives, writing a diary, and solving problems. In other country, the school curriculum is different, and I’ve heard that kids start doing presentations and discussion in elementary school. We could see how important output is.




You may think ” Output is more important than input?” “Do I have to output only?”

The answer is “No”.

You need both input and output at the same balance. If you are not good at memorizing, you can do it in the ratio of four to six or three to seven.(input :output=4:6, or 3:7)

(オリジナルイラストです🤣me drawing)



Those are what I did when I outputted.

  1. 独り言トレーニング
  2. Writing練習
  3. 英語で話す
  4. 問題を解く
  5. 単語テストを作ってみる
  1. Speaking alone
  2. Writing practice
  3. Talking in English with someone
  4. Solving a problem
  5. Making a mini vocab test

独り言トレーニング(Speaking alone)



This training is literary you speak in English alone, just muttering words or sentences😂 For example, I speak my today’s plan or what I have to do in the morning, and what I did or how I felt at night. You can talk about anything. I did it while I took a bath or went out for walking (with very very small voice outside 🤣). It’s good because you can make mistakes without hesitating and try the same sentence again and again. You don’t need to be shy because no one is listening. I sometimes role played by myself too!

Writing練習(Writing practice)


Writing is also good way when you study. For example, I wrote my diary in English, and post in English on twitter or Instagram. For me, this blog is my platform of output. I recommend you make an original sentence with using a new word or grammar. It helps you to remember!

英語で話す(Talking in English)


Talking in English might sound hard for you, but I think that is the best way to acquire the language. English is just a tool of communication, so you want to talk with someone. It is also good for listening. You need to listen to others, so your listening skill will also be improved too. I talked on a phone with my friend and sister in English sometimes. If it’s difficult, you can join online English lesson, such as “レアジョブEnglish”. It is very cheap and it offers free two lessons (25 min one time) if you register (free). You should try it!! I tried it when I was a student. The Filipino teachers are kind and energetic, so I liked it.



I also need the opportunity of talking, so I think I will try it too!!

問題を解く(Solving problems)


Solving problems with Eiken, TOEIC, or anything what you like is also good way of study. By doing so, you can know what your weak points are. You can mark or write ✔ on your textbook and try it again and again.

オリジナル単語テストを作る(Making a vocab test)


That is my own way to remember English words. I always make a mini test after studying the words. You can’t put too many words on it (10~20 words are better). You can scribble the words on a piece of paper. The reason I do this is, I sometimes over rate myself and think, ” I almost remember!!”. “Now I’m ok!”. But if I try without a textbook, I can’t do well. The important thing is, You have to look up from the textbook and output to remember.





Those are my ways of output. I hope it can help you study 😊

As I said before, continuing is the most important thing. You have to stick at it.

I will do my best too!! Good luck🥰


Thank you for reading☆彡

(カナダの美術館です。The art museum in Canada🎈)